True Love

Allright, I saw "Secret" and "My Sassy Girl", these two movies fall under the drama/romance genre.
Actually MY Sassy Girl has a Pre Sequal called Windstruck. Which I saw a while ago.
These 3 movies have touched me, a lot... I just had to write it down. It's late, and I am preparing for bed, but before I go... I must just say some words.
The topic is LOVE.

I always felt sad if the girl I love, don't love me back. Now my situations is that I don't know if the one I love, loves me back.  I don't dare to ask, but I got it pretty much clear what she thinks of me. However, you never know until you ask.
Well back to what I wanted to say. Which was that I learned, that if you love someone, it means you are prepared to sacrafice yourself, just to make the one you love happy, even if it means that you will have to sacrifice your love and your happiness.
If the girl / guy you love, loves someones else, then you should be happy, that she / he is happy. That is really hard, but that's what love is all about. Sacrifice yourself to make the person you love happy.
This might sound harsh, but who told you that love doesn't hurt?... learn from the song "Love Hurts"... not that I know the lyrics, but the title says it all. Everyone can't get happy, that's life. Move on, and try become happy.

After I realised all this, I don't feel that sad anymore, instead, I will try make her happy. Even if that means, I wont be happy, even if it means I wont get what I want. Throw away my selfishness, and focus on her happiness. Since if she is happy, then I will be happy for her, that at least one of us can get what they want.

So love is about sacrifices, throwing away your selfishness, and not try make yourself happy and satisfied, but make the one you love happy, that's TRUE love. If you cant sacrifice everything for the one you love, then it's not true love. If you arn't prepared to take a bullet instead, which means prepared to die for your love, then it just means that you are not ready and that you dont love the person, you just like them, but you don't love them.
It's a huge difference about like someone and love someone.
So next time you say "I love you", think it through, so you wont end up saying a complete lie!

I hate people who throw out the love like it was something common and meaningless. Love is deep, love is something special, so don't wear it out, since it's a word you want to tell someone that really means the WORLD for you. A person, you are prepared to die for...

Sorry to ruin that excellent ending line, but I must post this, a poem I wrote 2 years ago. I wrote about love, without realising the big meaning of it, but the poem speaks for itself. I always knew what true love is, just that my selfishness of being happy blocked the true meaning.

Poem written by: Filip, Original title: The Secrets of the Dark side of my soul
New title: True Love

The Dark way I choose to walk
Just to search for the light
To reach my goal, the happy soul
Like a moth I live in the Dark,
always ready to die for the light

But will I strike?
Will I go for the light?
Even if my goal is to reach the light,
will I be able to take the chance?
To kill the fear, to overpass the Sorrow
Will I be brave enough to die for what I am looking for?

The answer I seek is yes
So I am counting slowly to ten
And then take the chance and die
Because some things are worth dying for

I have reached the light,
reached the soul,
reached the end of my journey
I have taken the chance
Now my destiny is to die,
Die like a moth who have reached the light
Reached the goal they have been looking for

Live in the dark and searching for the dangerous light
That is my life and my death

Goodbye my love,
you are the light,
you are the hope,
you are my happy soul
you are the one I am dying for

Freetime? Who needs it?

So, today I checked what has to be done in school, and got a shock xD... it's A LOT now!
Writing a CV, study to 4 exams, writing a report, read and review a book... so yeah, a lot... considering the study books we have to read for the exams are so huge, that they weren't meant for reading, they were meant for killing xD

I finally started my abs training now xD... I hope I can keep it up... 2 days in a row training, that says at least something xD... however I have no idea how long it will last this time.
Also dancing is going okay, havn't given up on that yet...

Other than that... life is still the same. Of course I have not much freetime now, but what do I need freetime for?
Friends?... ehhh, yeah right, where?.... Those 2 I got, have never time for me, and my msn friends live far far away from me, sometimes in a country far far away from me. So yeah, what do I need freetime for anyway? Since I don'¨t really use that freetime to anything else than die infront of the computer or sleep through the day, so I get the freetime overwith.

Sleeping is a huge hobby of mine ;),... there I can have a normal happy life, but wake up to reality is always a pain in the arse. So of course I sometimes wish I could just dream forever, but that might been living a life of lies.
When God gave out happiness, he must have forgot about me :P.... so of course Al Bundy is my idol ;)

Hello all and no one!

Havn't been writing anything here since.... forever now, the fact that I have been trying to get my life on track have made me not type anything here. Well to all readers, which is 0, my life isn't back on track, and wont ever be.
I lost all my youth on nothing at all, and I allready feel old at the age of 21. I havn't experienced what everyone else have. Havn't shared happiness, parties, or love, nothing whatsoever. So how could I possibly think that my life would ever get on track. Considered that I have so many loving friends that supports me *SARCASM*... yet again... yes I got friends, on MSN >.>... my irl friends are either to busy with work, or just have plans with other friends excluding me.

So with all do respect, how will my life ever get on track, since I have no faith in myself, and none to give me the support to ever get any faith in myself?

So... yeah, I will just continue with wearing THE Mask... since then I can pretend to be happy, pretend to have a life... which also means, live my life like a big fucking lie. Or should I just live it like a big joke?... I wont ever value find values in my life, maybe I am to spoiled, not that I get everything I want without struggling for it.... but what's the point of having material stuff, when you never get what really means a lot... friends.

Bye all, I am 100% sure that no one will read this anyway, except me, myself and I!...

Dear Diary, bla bla bla bla

Yesterday was a really boring day, when everyone else went out, partying or having fun, I just ended up home, like I always do! So after some movies, and boredom, I decided to create a good Melbourne Shuffle Non-Stop Remix.
You can download it from here:

It's my first remix EVER, so don't expect to much from it! :) However you can easily Shuffle to it ;) Enjoy... that was all for now xD... this day is equally as boring as yesterday :P...

Laziness ftw! :)

Today have I been completely lazy! I will start Shuffle soon, but other than that have I done nothing xD.... and I love it! :)

Have had a headache all day, so that's mainly the cause why I havn't done much today, but that's just a little irrelevant sidenote.

Yesterday night did I finally get a designer for our Hoodies, so we might have a producer for them to now :D So everything is going great in our Crew! We just hope to invite more members!

So everyone that reads, if anyone is interested of try Melbourne Shuffle, you're free to join, we will help you start, and we will guide you through it! We all are in the practice stage... so don't worry, nor be shy! Try it out, you wont regret it! :)

Difficulties I encountered

Is it just me, or is North Europe the worse place to try practice Melbourne Shuffle?
For starter, they doesnt sell the proper shoes, the proper clothes, they have no events, I mean WHAT THE FUCK?!!...
UK is okay, they have a Internet shop with the shoes I want... however I wanted to buy them at a store in Sweden, but that wasn't easy now, was it? Tomorrow is my last try, then I have to face the facts... Sweden hates Shuffle culture.

The pahts we are going to order is all they way from Australia, that is tragical. How can Europe sink that low, to not even provide us with the proper clothes for every Melbourne Shuffle enthusiast(to late, misspelling a lot).

However, I'll fight back this shit, I am allready planning to open a Melbourne Shuffle Store in Sweden, maybe I give it further thoughts, and the future will tell if it will get open or not.

Today, I walked 40 min long trip to a store, that said they sell it on the website they had, but when I arrived at the store, they never even heard of the shoe model I wanted, infact they didnt sell any Adidas stuff at all... those bloody imbecills... dont know a shit what they are selling and what they arn't... get tired of those kind of people.

Nothing went good today, practice went shit, didn't find the proper shoes, school sucked. Worse day in a long time!

~|NES|~ North Europe Shufflers | Melbourne Shuffle, Our Style, Our Passion!

Hi everyone!

I found my passion, it's called Melbourne Shuffle, it's a dance you mainly dance to Hardstyle, Techno, but it isn't restricted to that, since you can dance it to anything you like! :)
Don't know what it is?... well then check this out: Melbourne Shuffle Video
Enjoy that video! :)
Me and a friend (Un4gotten) created a crew, called NES (North Europe Shufflers), so you can check us out on this site:

This is a little signature for the forum, just to advertise me and my Crew:

I will soon buy some new shoes, Adidas SM2, just to be exact! :) They look like this:

I actually also ordered a new mp3 player and new headphones, this is what I ordered:
Mp3 player:


I will buy some Phatts (Raving pants, with reflection stripes) soon, just as soon me and my friend Un4gotten will get done with the design for them! ;)

Enjoy your life! Don't forget, play it hard!!! :D

Remember what we had? What happend?

I went to my IMVU presentation, and the memories striked me. i was once happy, even on IMVU... the happiness became bigger, and better, but what happend then?... Remember the days we were on IMVU?... even when we moved on to MSN?... what went wrong? What did I do?... it's been to long ago now, what did I do so wrong :(
Why can't anything go as I want it to go. Instead I am thinking about if a future me, will come visit me, telling me that I will have an accident soon, and wont survive. Then ask me, if I want to stop that from happening.
Would I really stop it?... I don't think I would, but with my luck I would survive... and just live on and on and on.

I ruin everything and everyone. None stays with me, no wonder I don't have friends. I was actually thinking about this today. Why don't I have friends?...

When I was little, before schooltime started... I had a lot of friends. Well I live in a small village, been living here whole my life. When I was little, we all youngsters hang around. Years passed, school started, people changed... I changed into a shy kid, meanwhile others envolved in more social kids... so more years passed by, and I lost more and more friends.
Then some more years went, I ended up basicly almost alone, now I only had one friend left.... I made 3 new friends, which faded away later on anyway.
Back to the present, I have one last friend, that I can truly call a friend. Even though we barely talk, barely see eachother, I can call him a friend.
What happend? Why did I just lose more and more friends? Was it me? Was it them? Whatever the cause have been, I blame myself for everything...

IMVU gave me a bit of life back, new friends, even though online. They faded away as well... my friends on MSN fade away as well... give it 2 - 3 more years, and none will talk to me, not even on MSN.

So all I can do is remember what I had. I was happy sometimes. The happiest day of my lifes were not many, but they were. I dont know what happend, I neither want to say any further details about it. I dont know what happend, we just stopped talk often, we didn't meet, we just faded away....

Kyo, you always refer yourself to as not a god, nor a human... what does that mean? Really? What do he (I) mean about it. I'll let someone else try to answer that question... try your best to solve it.


"That's a good one God!", said Al Bundy (meanwhile looking at the sky).

That's how I feel as well!

So before you all go "Huh, wtf do you mean?"... I will explain!
Whenever Mr. A. Bundy thinks it can't get worse, and yet it really gets worse, he say "That's a good one God!"... like in thank you for making my life to a living hell! :)
So, that's how I feel sometimes. Not that I could possibly have it like Al, I mean come on.
Al is married with a wife that hates him and steal all his money. 2 kids that hates him, and whom steal his money as well. A horrible job, that he hates. However, that isn't the worse part, since if Al wouldn't got married, he would have a big chance to become a Pro American Football player. So his life is really sad, yet he keeps on living.
That really impress me, how someone can live like that! ( I know, it's just a TV serie, but still).


So, even though I don't have that kind of life. My life isn't that happy either. I can all blame it on me, I know.
However, people doesn't change that easy, and I think I need someone that can push me into changing myself. I can't no longer do it on my own. I have hit rock bottom.
Anyway, I tried to practice Melbourne Shuffle a bit yesterday, came to the fact that it is extremly hard! It will take me at least one year to get the basics done.
I try to change, I really do. I try to become a new me, a more brave me. This dance is just step 1. I am allready failing that, I really would need someone that can help me out of this hell, someone would like to call life.
I have always claimed that even though I breath, it doesn't really need to mean that I live.
Whatever you may think, I am trying... just that I never succeed. So I always end up on my blog, typing depressive stuff. Since that's my life. It really is, until someone will be brave enough to help me, since we all know that I am not good on making the first step. Not even asking if someone would want to watch a movie, or just hang out somewhere. I guess that's why I can't really say that I have friends. Since I never am with them, more that talking to them on msn, or see some of them in school. I never do anything with them on my freetime, why?
Because they never ask me, and I never ask them. Simple, yet complicated...

My life is perfect in my dreams, then I wake up and see Al Bundy standing there, saying "Yep, life is good, isn't it Kid?"
I can feel his sarcasm, and answer quietly: "Indeed, life is good."
Then we sit down, look at eachother with a fake smile on our faces, and then we do what every man / woman would do... cry!

"Playing With Photoshop" Day

I was really bored today, so I thought, hey why not just have fun on photoshop. I picked a photo of me, which btw was poorly taken to much light on it, and edited it :D
Here are some end results:

The Very Best of Filip

Trapped in a comic

The Phantom of Photoshop


After this I ran out of ideas, so I stopped. Otherwise this is a boring day, and it is really windy outside. Luckily the Storm have calmed down a bit.
So enjoy your day!

If only I can feel you....even as the wind

I just saw "Windstruck", an amazing Korean movie. It was heart breaking, I must say. I really cried, tried to hold back the tears, but couldn't. I cried like a little baby who dropped his/her icecream on the ground.
For further information about the movie click here: CLICK!!
I am really touched, deep down in my heart... where all the emptiness is. I am trully crying  there. All day, every day.

This made me think. About relationships, how easy the little dream about eternal love can break into million pieces. One day your happy, the next day your trying to commit suicide. Since how can you find someone else, if you cant let go of the past?... Only the brave can, and only the brave ones survives.

I thought I had gone cold, but the movie made me realise how soft I am. I thought I gone cold, since nothing really mattered anymore, I just saw death in my eyes, I saw a waiting for death. However this movie, made me realise that I am soft inside of me, that I am yet not ready for death, even if I dont fear it. I am still in the hard reality called "Life" struggling for my life as a stake. Trying to break the curse of life, and trying to find the happiness life can offer.

Somewhere out there, is someone waiting for me, I might someday find that person, or not, It's up to us and fate. Even though we never meet, I wish, that I could get a sign. Like the wind, carrying me away, making me feel like I am flying to you. The feeling of freedom, of happiness.
So if only I can feel you, even as the wind! It could give me my happiness, or it could give me a step to a new life.


Me, myself and I!

That's the problem... it's only me, myself and I... none else. What more can I say, if you didn't allready get it. This is not about selfishness. This is about loneliness, I didn't choose to live my life with only me, myself and I.
It's not a life I recommend, neither would want to choose to live, if only I could choose to live differently.
The problem is though, what you wrote in my last post, fear...
Today have sucked, like yesterday, and day before that... and it goes on... none to talk to, none to be with, none to share your life with.
I am on my last strengths of surviving this life.
I need someone that can rescue me from my own Doom, since I have soon no strength to fight it back anymore.

Fear is a Labyrinth(Maze) which affects your choices, he stated!


Hundreds of ways to go, only one is the right one. It can take you days, weeks, months, even years to find the right way out. 

Fear can have many appearances; it can be fear of height, fear of death, even fear of living.
We live, we fear, we love, we hate. The paths we choose, will form our future. The future we have choosen, but maybe don't want. The future we created, which we later on want to change.

So, what does Fear have to do with our future? It can be everything, it can be nothing! Depends on how our fear limits our choices, limits our way of living. I once heard, people fear, because they are scared, what are they scared of? 
Dying?... yes, people fear death, not all, but many. All fear are based on death. You can be scared of a spider? Why?
What can a spider do? It can be poisoned? It can bite? It can kill you?... we fear death, we limit ourselves.
Fear is a cruel game of life, it will do anything to scare you, it will do anything to harm you, you can only run around until you find the right way out. You can only keep on going until you give up, or win.

What is my fear? I got so many, it would fill a whole page. Mostly my biggest fear is ending up alone.
What am I now? Alone! What can I do? Fear it! What should I do? Find the right path! To do so, I need to accept the challenge, I need to overcome the fear, join the world, go out and smile, show my face to others. THat's the only way to overcome that fear.

How do people overcome their fear, by challenging it! They find the true and only way out. Meet your own fear, and beat it!

This year, 2008, I am going to start limiting my life. I need to dare to do things, those different types of fear I got, I need to challenge them, and only then can I be sure that I live.

My fear, my destiny, my future!

Write write write, Dennis shouts....

Allright, one of my friends, Dennis ( So what can I type here, in my little blog. Right now, I can't think of anything to say. My life have been a pure mess. This Christmas vaccation have I been constantly home. No one to visit, no one to be with. It affects me, like it always does. Not to speak of New Years Eve. I hate that day!
It reminds me of how big of a loser I really am, how many happy things I could of done, but didn't do anything. Since I were, and still am, to affraid to go alone anywhere, and since I have no friends to go with, then I don't really go anywhere either.

So what is there to learn from 2007, in fact, what is there to learn from the past 6 years... to dear to do anything you like?
What if I went to a point, where I dont like anything?... I maybe confuse you all, as it seem, I myself, am little confused what this all means.
One thing is though sure, I need to start living.
One of my friends said "Kyo, this year will be a good year!". I hope he's right, I hope I can get affected by the optimistic aura that is circulating around him,

Well to end this really quickly, I just want to say:
2008, NOW or never!

Merry Christmas!!! ^_^

Merry Christmas!!! Hope you have found the Christmas Spirit and enjoying this happy holiday! ^_^
When you wish upon a star

Makes no difference who you are

Anything your heart desires

Will come to you

If your heart is in your dream

No request is too extreme

When you wish upon a star

As dreamers do

Fate is kind

She brings to those who love

The sweet fulfillment of

Their secret longing

Like a bolt out of the blue

Fate steps in and sees you through

When you wish upon a star

Your dreams come true

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